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What is different from many other Towne Cheney companies
in the market of services?

Полное отсутствие  неремонтопригодных устройств!
The first difference:
The complete absence of unserviceable devices!

Our internal processes are designed so that each unit will be repaired.

Through weekly uninterrupted supply of new motherboards for any Chinese smartphones, even the "heavy" patient is guaranteed to receive a new heart!

Мало кто любит расставаться с деньгами, верно?
The second difference:
Little who loves to part with the money, right?

Cini Town will help you not to part with them, and gives 100% refund guarantee our partner!

We guarantee a successful repair of selling you equipment!

Уникальная интернет платформа, не имеющая аналогов.
The third difference:
Unique Internet platform, which has no analogues.

The system is developed by the best programmers in the banking sector. For all our clients will be available to own section to interact with our service and employees of the company.

We believe that you just have to know who and how will service your smartphone or other gadget. The seller would then have complete control over the entire process of repair.

Работа над ошибками
The fourth difference:
Work on the bugs

Dear clients! We regularly work on the bugs to bring our service to perfection. As practice shows, achieve a positive feedback from the client is almost not possible. The client gets qualitative service remains pleased with the work. He will no longer spend my time writing reviews as already got what he wanted. We will be very grateful if you leave feedback about our work!