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How does the Service Center? Component repair!

15.12.2016 2115
You've probably wondered what is accurate diagnosis techniques, or for example modular and component repairs. How to identify and replace a faulty component on your Smartphone or tablet. In this article, we delve into the life of the Service Center, through the eyes of our engineers.
As specialists, we can state clearly that the speed and quality of repairs depends directly on the diagnosis. And it's true. Before you start to sweat and change everything, you need to understand that breaks down, and whose fault it happened. First of all, after the equipment has arrived in repair, the engineer diagnoses. His job is to find fault, and most importantly, to understand why this component failure. This is to ensure that after replacing faulty parts it nakrylas' again after some time.
Suppose you have a Smartphone burned power controller. It was replaced by the wizard, and issued to the client. After a week the problem repeats. It turns out that the fault was the input diode near the battery, which does not allow for the desired number of current, and the controller, and Sunning himself clean out with the Goral. And such examples are very much.
We often call clients with the words "how much does it cost to replace a power controller on the tablet. In response, our course operators will ask "are you sure that this is the problem the power controller?" the customer usually said that he was told in another service. Immediately there is a question, why is it there are not replaced. Not available? Or difficult to change it? :)
In most cases, workshops so just "merge", because the client cannot find the problem and fix it. A person needs to say something in his own justification. It turns out that the simple "otmazkoj" is a phrase to replace the power controller.
Unfortunately right now very few service centers that have serious equipment and can produce component repair.

Component repair

Component repair is a process when it detects a malfunction, a engineer not working replace component. It involves the replacement of circuits and electronic components.
Modular repair is just replacing the whole details. For example, the phone will not turn on, the service simply changes the motherboard. In most cases, services and do. They can either charge the phone or change the battery well say that the device is not repairable, you need to change the motherboard. In the qualification of "masters" is no longer in doubt. They simply don't understand that breaks down that you want to replace, and later give a warranty on their work.
In our case, Cheney townhouse with 2003 year produces a complex component repair of any complexity. Our specialists provide a guarantee of 6 months on the job, because confident in the quality of its work.
Of course, such repair is not performed for 30 minutes. You have to understand that this is a long process that requires careful diagnosis and testing apparatus after replacing the component. Due to the fact that such service centers is not so much the workload of our specialists is very high. On the time frame for the implementation of the relevant order.
Of course, we try to reduce the time and looking for new professionals throughout Russia. To find such a professional is very difficult.

As your order is processed in our service center?

After washing has made the order in our database, the device is assigned a number, which will be in the form of a sticker pasted on your machine, box, charger. The number specified in the Act of acceptance of the equipment. Later, with the help of this numbers and your phone, you will be able to track the status of your order on our website. Next, the device comes in engineering. During the day the order comes one of the engineers.
Starts Diagnostics devices, and lack of identification which was specified in the order. Diagnostics and testing takes from half an hour up to three days. Depends on the nature of the problem. For example, the client pointed to the problem that the smartphone is strongly heated and quickly drains the battery. Of course, the engineer will test several cycles of charge-discharge device. In the process will be measured temperature using laser pyrometer.
After the completion of the diagnosis, changes the status of the order in the database and indicates the result of a diagnosis. Next repair the device. Repair duration depends on the complexity and the availability of spare parts. Since in most cases, spare part in stock, repairs took 2-3 days. In some situations, spare part ordered in China. The wait could take up to 21 days.
On average, our rate of 2-4 days.
Today, Cheney is one of the few town service centers in Russia that produces complex component repair and testing technology of Chinese and Indian manufacturing. We cooperate with producers of Chinese smartphones and tablets, produce technical documentation and preparation instructions. Manufacturer hastily making appropriate adjustments in production technology. Our representatives in China, are active in the field of improving machinery sales in the Russian market. We successfully broke down the stereotypes of China. We are convinced that with the right approach, Chinese technique can be very high quality, and faithfully serve its owner!