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How to save power on your Tablet

15.12.2016 566

Today quite a lot of people use "smart assistants" - tablets. Tablet combines mobile tablet, Smartphone and computer. Email, Internet, ICQ, video, music, photos, games-all this makes Tablet indispensable for many people who need to quickly solve issues. But along with their advantages, such as the powerful processor, touch screen, the operating system, there are significant drawbacks. Even very careful treatment for fear of costly inferior item dropped on the main disadvantage: battery charge quickly.

In the documentation for the Tablet and on the World Wide Web, you can find some tips to help save battery life longer and extend the work offline:

• connect a 3 g (UMTS) mode, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth only when necessary, not keep them permanently included;
• decrease the brightness of the display or install it on automatic control;
• When closing the application, go out of the program altogether, while not forgetting to disconnect from a background mode;
• do not include the-turn off the Tablet, if it is not needed, this procedure leaves a lot of battery capacity;
• regularly update your operating system, if the Tablet comes a system update;
• often include charge tablet, take every opportunity (constantly carry a charge).

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in the conservation charging. But something I would like to comment on something and supplement recommendations.
If the Tablet spotted 3 g network mode (the same as UMTS), much rather spent battery charge, moreover, because of this often disappears network signal. This mode is not supported by all towers and when switching between 3 g and GSM, then a few seconds completely lost the signal. And this can happen quite often. The link may be absent, and then again to appear. Therefore, if the Tablet mode "auto", then offers recrimination and claim their relatives, acquaintances because of your unavailability.

Among other things, don't look for this setting in the General settings of the Tablet and the cellular network, it is on the Internet and data transmission. Although the setting has an effect on the whole tablet. By the way, if the high-speed Internet 3 g mode is used, it is necessary not to forget the high speed the use of funds in the account. It is therefore necessary to choose a favourable and advantageous tariffs or tariff plan for the option to make minimum cost even at very frequent visits to the Internet.
By the way, after you upgrade the newest devices with Android and 4.0.0 availability appeared after a short time the 4.0.3 using battery power is greatly diminished.

For quick on-off Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi on the main screen you can add widgets. Then it too would make it inconvenienced to save energy. After all, it is not necessary to flipping menu and locate the bookmark and page.

Under inclusion of GPS receiver navigation availability imply in all applications. Actually, the GPS receiver is enabled, if there is a request for applications, but it requires is impermanent. For example, some applications make prompt as it is not always compulsory notification. Or do you want to see the map, knowing its location.

For precise exit programs, you can make the installation task killer machine by electing the moderate regime. Then do not have to remember whether you came from an application or it remains in memory, it is not necessary to open and check it again.
the Tablet also includes the necessary applications, such as contacts and SMS, which most often use. I wish that these applications do not have to look for a long time, they can be issued as "white list" to entrenched in memory.

And here are some more tips as a supplement to the previous rules:

• If the coordinates to your photos don't need, then you will need to disable the "geotagged" in the properties of the photography. Why are superfluous and unnecessary?
• reduced waiting time settings when turned on the screen. It's not so important how long illuminated screen;
• After working with the Tablet using the button or widget is better off display. No need in the on screen no.

As it turned out, the most you can save, if you execute the final tip is to turn off the screen right after work. After all, when you receive a message, he at first reads a message that comes up with the answer-and only after that writes it. While the screen is off. However, if you reduce the amount of time the backlight up to 15 seconds and disconnect as soon as the message is gone, you can increase the battery life of my tablet in two or more times. Standard work offline is limited to one day, and continues to operate from approximately two to five days. This does not mean that these five days of Tablet just lying idle and never used. Not worth the limit myself nor the number of calls, nor in the number of SMS. Just be on time turn off display.

You can overnight in the Tablet include the airplane mode if you do not wish to be disturbed by the close, familiar or not very close. But beware, these scammers can take advantage of. There have been cases where due to the inaccessibility of the subscriber who called relatives and demanded money, ostensibly to get rid of unpleasant problems. And in the morning, of course, proved that there is no problem, just a man at night put the tablet on airplane mode. Therefore, it is best to refuse night calls and SMS-messages include tablet in night mode of vibration.

As you can see, these simple ways you can significantly extend the time (up to several days) offline Tablet without many restrictions. If you consider charging consumption on games and videos, you will need to charge through a day and a half, if you don't play bezotryvno 24 hours a day. But in this case you decide how to spend their valuable time.

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