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As the crisis closed the Internet shops

15.12.2016 624
Here come the moment colleagues when policy has proved itself and on the financial sector in our country. The political situation in the world of direct-fire rounds threw the stone in our vegetable garden. Western sanctions severely hit on our economy and dramatically knocked out of ruble knurled rut. Some companies like it weird not sounded, it appeared even on hand. There are certain directions for small and medium-sized businesses, whose chiefs smoothly and most importantly on time to make adjustments in the work, and thus not only survived, but also got a boost. Most often it is a company, which are not involved in importing sideways goods and services.
Today, the dollar did the trick. Many online shops selling imported goods suffer more losses. There was a significant decline in sales of electronics. Prices for machinery soared by almost half. Some sellers raised prices even on the technique, which was commissioned and paid for by the vendor even still exchange rate. Thus we are the first steps of the dollar up, noticed the massive rise in Internet shops.
The current situation on the Russian market of Chinese Electronics does not look bright. Small sellers are closing en masse. Major "pull" selling almost at the same level. Why is it so? Why smaller shops are closed, and those that continue to operate larger?
Small Web shops have a very limited amount of free reserves for the purchase of goods from Chinese partners and suppliers. Store works established the "purchase/sale/advertising, rent payment. This cycle is repeated constantly in one and the same order. The order will definitely shop defines himself. Now imagine this: the store has 300 000000 rubles funds. Purchased goods on 250 000000 rubles. Paid rent and advertising for 50 $ Put goods on sale and got the sale, for example 000000 330 rubles. The profit amounted to 80 000r
Now, he must again to order the goods, to pay the rent and advertising. Here and get accurate store collapse. The same 250 000000 rubles, the seller buys twice as less equipment. Also pay rent with advertising 50000 roubles. Sell this product but will get profit halved because quantity reduced by half. And lay into him a double profit will not work, because the price tag for the product will be Aerie. Tohar nobody buys. It turns out that the next month will not store the previous amount of funds and goods, and consequently profits to cover the costs. The store will remain only sell leftovers, freeze funds and wait.
Quite another situation with larger shops. The company, which has accumulated funds other than those that it spends on the purchase of the goods, may risk reserve for a previous purchase invest quantity, and with the same profit nespela selling and stay afloat. Moreover, the buyers of small shops that are closed now in the possession of major. Definitely a loss for company here is equal to 100% of the cost of the purchase. In fact, double payment for the first delivery since the growth rate. But business afloat, and sink has no plans to.
Such data we get because we work with many Internet shops in Russia that sell Chinese goods, and is directly dependent on the exchange rate.
Rate affected the service repair services electronics? Let's face it-no way. In a context where technology is getting more expensive, it has become much more profitable to repair rather than acquire a new one. Spare parts is definitely more expensive, but in most cases, repair is possible without replacing expensive parts. Also happens with warranty. We keep the cost of warranty service for our partners on the price level of the year 2014. Surely we are not profitable, as the cost of spare parts has increased. We are well aware that rising prices for guarantee may reduce the profits of the store. It will also lead to an increase in the cost of goods and as a consequence of the decline in sales.
I have seen a very interesting fact! Russian mindset. Situation: a man to follow the dollar bought iPhone 6 for 28000. It took place a month, broke the display. After a sharp rate rise and imitation Apple products, customer changes we display for 9000r and tighter puts it up for sale. With the price of about 43 $ 9.95 And the phone still will buy. New cannot afford it.
The same situation is with old phones. Bought for 5000r fixed per 1000, sold for 9000 as second-hand Russian people continue to find their advantage in any situation!
On my own I would like to note that despite the rise in prices for electronics, appliances are still bought and sold. Routinely novelties. There are new shops, which in the future will only be easier to grow when the situation stabilized rate. Yes, it is possible to rate will no longer be the same. But when Russia and China move to pay their national currencies, without the use of a green paper, the explosion will come certainly turnover! Waiting for mates!
Sergey Demekhin Lvovich.