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upcoming trial with LEAGOO

16.05.2019 383
In the past 2018, the company Chini Town Rus suffered losses in the amount of 900,000 rubles due to lack of funding and payment for carrying out warranty repairs on Leagoo smartphones since August 2018, and 12 million rubles of lost profits under the contract.  Under the terms of the contract, Leagoo must pay for warranty service for each smartphone sold in Russia.
Based on data taken from open sources, from August 2018 to January 1, 2019 about 100,000 Leagoo smartphones were sold to Russia.  The main sales channel for smartphones is the Pandao platform (a joint project of the Mail Group), where smartphones were sold at a huge discount and in large quantities.
Under the terms of the contract, Leagoo is obliged to make payment for the annual warranty service for each smartphone sold in Russia.  On this basis, the service center undertakes to purchase spare parts for repairs, pay for logistics throughout Russia and pay salaries to engineers.
To our regret, since August 1, 2018, having sold about 100,000 devices to Russia, advertising the official guarantee in Russia, payment under the contract did not follow.
Until December 29, we made warranty repairs free of charge, in the hope of resolving this conflict.  But the Leagoo side themselves asked not to accept their devices temporarily, realizing that the amount of debt is increasing.
Every day dozens of disgruntled deceived customers turn to us in order to carry out warranty repair of their smartphones.  Despite the fact that our service center is indicated in the warranty certificate, we are forced to refuse them, which damages our reputation and negatively affects the feedback on our company.
Negotiations with a representative of the company leagoo.comcontinued until 05/15/2019
An employee of Leagoo, 上 善 若水 insisted on providing them with installment plans, divided the amount of the debt into 4 payments.  Our company went to the meeting, agreed to the terms and conditions, and marked the date by which payment should follow.  Unfortunately, payment has not been received.
Due to the non-fulfillment of financial obligations by Leagoo to LLC “Chini Town Rus” and non-compliance with the terms of the contract, we are forced to apply to an international court.  The damage to business reputation and large financial losses were caused by unfair compliance with the conditions.
Shenzhen Intermediate People's Cour