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-That's right. Our central service center is located in Moscow, at UL. The Rimskogo-Korsakova 4. All our engineering and warehouse facilities are located here. In section "contacts", you can select the city (most likely our site alone has determined your location). Now you can choose any available receiving item to send your equipment in for repair. On receiving paragraphs you will find here such a plate:

Наш центральный сервисный центр находится в Москве

Your device should send in our Central Service Center Moscow, UL. The Decembrists stockings K1 Office 502. Attn: Service Center Cini town "

Equipment will be delivered to our warehouse within 1-3 days.

It is important! With the device send a description of your problem and your contacts for feedback and send the device back. You can in writing.

-Congratulations on your purchase! Yes, indeed in the box besides the device you will find the warranty card. The leaflet has detailed instructions how to activate your warranty. Why do we need it?

Firstly, this will speed up the repair process and process your request in the Service Center, upon the occurrence of a warranty case. Because you specify all the necessary information about your device, if you contact the service center you will call your phone number. No models, serial numbers and other information.

Secondly, you will have the personal account where you can track the status of your repair. Check the validity of the guarantee. Also ask your master and even pay for other services.

Unfortunately cases of forging our own warranty card. On the warranty registration, the system will check the coupon number and imei of the device. Data on servers are refreshed every 2 minutes after the sale of the device. In case of successful reconciliation, your device will be registered and accepted for service.

-It's okay. This will not affect your warranty. Upon the occurrence of a warranty case, our staff will register you and add the device to your personal account as soon as the device falls to the Service Center. In any case the concourse, the warranty period is valid from the moment of sale.

-For your convenience, at the time of acceptance you have registered on our site. You came SMS with a password to enter my Kaspersky account. To enter my Kaspersky account, use your mobile phone number and password from SMS. There you will find the history of changes to your order status. You can also write a post specifically to your master.

Order status can be clarified further in several ways: online consultant on the site, write on e-mail or call our operators by number specified at the top of this page.

— If the device is present any problem (workmanship) then it generally manifests itself in the first days after the purchase. Sometimes even straight from the "box" is already something does not work.

In case of detection of shortage of the product, the seller (or an authorized organization in the person of Christ "Cini town") must request the goods by the purchaser to check the availability of your shortcoming for up to 20 days (according to paragraph 1 of article 21 and paragraph 5 of article 18 replacement of defective item "law of the Russian Federation" on protection of consumers ' rights "). This means that the return/exchange is possible on the basis of the Act be replaced by the authorized service center "Cini-town".

That is, if you defect was found, within 15 days from the date of purchase, you contact our Service Centre for inspection of goods quality. If the defect is indeed present, and it was not done by you (replacement Act)-you can contact the seller directly.

According to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 55 dated January 19, 1998 g, the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated November 10, 2011 N 924 and ZoZPP Church. 25, the seller does not Exchange or accept a return mobile phones/tablets, which you just did not like the "not so catches Wi-Fi as a friend on the iPhone, etc. That is, mobile phones and tablets to include the Group of technically sophisticated products, return and Exchange which is not possible (in the case of phone/Tablet quality)!

is Samsung "5 models in two lines, and contain details of the service (who kindly provides factory) won't be easy. We understand that you have bought is not Samsung and Chinese phone, right? Guessed it!

In our case, we are talking about Chinese smartphones. Hundreds of brands and thousands of models, respectively, we repair one best service center. Every day new brands and models is becoming more and more.

Most of the defects and problems be solved in a rather short period of time. Most often, this 3-9 days. Speakers, microphones, cameras, connectors and connectors, memory or cpu blade, first-everything is done on equipment in SG. During this time, the device passes Diagnostics, repair, testing, passed on the issuance and preparation of documents. But there are situations when repair or recover the card or device's display is simply not possible. Their replacement is required. In this case, the part will be ordered from China respectively!

Of course, we keep in stock handling accessories for the most popular models. Number of necessary spare parts is calculated on the basis of statistics and percentage of marriage with a small margin.

But if we are talking about the rare, not a popular device a little-known Chinese brand, find the spare part even in China, a huge problem. Our logistics and purchasing department spends a lot of time in search of such components, so as to reach the manufacturer doesn't always succeed.

It is also worth noting that Chinese producers regularly make modifications to your Smartphone, since most Chinese brands don't even have their own production plant (even Xiaomi). And the very rare display that we with you so waited for your phone is simply NOT SUITABLE for audit or even fit on a couple of millimeters! In this case, the order for a new one. The maximum period of repair is up to 45 days-it's the law!

-Repair your device begins with a description of the problem. You need to properly and accurately convey information to's service center. The engineer came to diagnostics, checks for this defect and will proceed with the repair. After repairs, it will test the device on his overall health. However, very often to us with SG devices come with problems such as "sometimes does not catch network, today reached a long, normal, today" strongly heats but now it is cold "," little games keeps battery "," does not load, freezes. As you know these problems are floating and very vague. Understand that it is not properly can only consistently, making diagnosis software and hardware parts.

Such problems can be caused by as "crude-curve" of the Chinese version of the firmware of the phone, and faulty "iron". Accordingly, if replacing the battery in the new smartphone, you will notice that it still load quickly discharges may still worth a look in the settings of which programs or games it spends? It makes sense to update the firmware on a stable rather than a weekly beta version?!

Most importantly, remember that you have a Chinese phone Chinese brand and manufacturer that was originally designed for the Chinese market and their frequencies of cellular communication.

-Here are the most common reasons for denying warranty repairs.

Mech-mechanical effect on the device. Usually the device is present deep chipped (traces of drops on hard floors, asphalt). Chipped and cracked on the display. Deformation, bending the device body. Prodavlennye part basic parts of the phone. You say-as my chip on the body could affect his work?

Explains. The Smartphone is not brick, which, after falling to the floor will continue operating as if nothing had happened (though even bad brick may crack. Builders know). A Smartphone is a complex technical device. On his motherboard a thousand components, which are carefully soldered to pin sites and conclusions. On any Board Smartphone has at least 3 chips, which have hundreds of contacts in the form of micro bubbles (BGA). At mechanical influence the probability is high that the solder on one of the components is faulty. The device fails. Syndromes: not included, hangs, reboots, basking like a frying pan, a network problem, butlup.

Liquid-classics of the genre. Outwardly the device in perfect condition. But by opening the eyes immediately rushes to the presence of white deposits and oxidation. Also on the card manufacturer prepared Tester-sticker. If your device gets wet, it is painted in the Red due to a chemical reaction. It is a signal that the water penetrates into the housing. You'll surely say-I have not stoked! Perhaps. But after the Smartphone in the cold and going to the sweltering room, he covered in more moisture and condensation inside the hull, which drops falls on cost and leads to sad consequences. This is a violation of the rules for the operation of the device, and as a consequence of the failure to be repaired.

Display-spontaneous pushing, not working touch screen part, spots and stripes on the matrix.

The touchscreen is very sensitive device. Even with nesil'nom mechanical influence, he quickly goes down. Start phantoms and manifest the so-called dead zone of the display. Equip your phone enough good bumper cover and protective glass, and carefully "attach" to the asphalt as the display is becoming the above problems. Of course removing the case, picks a marble from the screen and contacting the warranty service, washing will not find traces of impact and mechanical damage. Life hack!

You do not have a warranty card Cini Town-perhaps you bought the equipment at a store that does not give you a guarantee on their products. But he graciously sent you to us. Any warranty made by another service provider, real or imaginary. Alas, such too. We strive to make it less and less.

It is important to remember! Cini town-an independent service center. We produce free warranty repair of Chinese technology and the replacement of the device at their own expense, subject to the warranty conditions stated in our warranty card. If no compliance or violation of the rules of operation, the Service Centre reserves its legitimate right to refuse warranty repairs and remove the device warranty.

-Alas so formed stars. We offer you the same new device (or similar, in agreement with you). Or return of money control in a shop or Office. We in turn will compensate 100% of the cost of our partner-to the seller. Admit it, everyone is happy?