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How to transfer files from PC to phone and vice versa

15.12.2016 672

To transfer music, e-books, videos, or other files with your PC or laptop to your phone you can use several methods.

Use the USB cable to connect your phone to a computer, while the phone is defined as an external removable disk (as well as Flash drives for storing files). After that, you can transfer any files from your computer to your phone or vice versa. For some phone models have special software that comes bundled with the phone, which makes the connection between the computer and the phone via USB even easier and allows you to organize the transfer of files.

You can also transfer files directly on your phone's memory card to the memory card from the phone, remove and insert it into the card reader, and then plug the card reader into a USB port on your computer. Copying the necessary files to the memory card, again put it in the phone.

If your computer or laptop has a Bluetooth device and your phone model is also equipped with a wireless device, it is possible the contactless exchange of information between the computer and the telephone. To do this turn Blutooth on your computer, in your phone, locate the Blutooth and put it in the connection mode. In the list of available devices, you should see your computer, or you will need to search for devices within range of the phone, if the list is empty. Once the device detects your PC, it appears in the list of available devices. Select the line with the name of the computer to the phone and press the Connect button, and the unit will connect devices together. Maybe the phone will require you to enter a password to connect via Bluetooth, you typically use the default password is 00000000 (this password you can then change). Now you have the ability to share files between your phone and your computer wirelessly. Similarly, the configured connection and transfer files via Bluetooth between phones.