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Chinese Smartphone to buy or not?

15.12.2016 549

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Looking at today's Smartphone market, each catching myself thinking "I will buy myself the same, although no, will not repeat. This and a Cat have in society today is very appreciated personality and part of identity. Agree, I want to be like everyone else, stand out from the grey mass of Office clerks. IPhone already every second, samsung and order more often. Then what else can I look? Today, for the sake of good toys or tools we are even ready to buy expensive devices. One device of this kind need to work, another to underline their status.

China rushes to the rescue

Yes, gentlemen. Today we can safely say that China is not the same! In a good way. Chinese smartphones-are not those cheap plastic Disposable copies of iPhones. Chinese smartphones continue to confidently to conquer the market of digital technology, taking away precious clients from major manufacturers.
Among Chinese manufacturers, there are premium segment. Yes, 5 years ago, it would sound funny. Today in China there are companies that compete for sales with the same Apple, Samsung, Sony, and Microsoft. Few people know, but in the year 2014 the Chinese company Xiaomi became the third company in the world in sales of smartphones. Company leader Lei Jun said that in 2015, it will reach the second place.

So, let us get acquainted with expensive, high-quality Chinese smartphones. Let's go!

Company Xiaomi

china 2
Xiaomi was founded by seven partners June 6, 2010 year. August 16, 2010 year Xiaomi has officially launched the first MIUI firmware based on Android.
Today, the lineup of devices from Xiaomi rather wide. All will not be considered. Move on to the most "delicious" devices.
Xiaomi Mi4-specifications
Five inch smartphone with great picture quality (1080x1980) has an all-metal chassis. Moreover, the manufacturer used it is steel not soft aluminum. Steel frame of the Smartphone is very durable and resistant to scratches, Nice in the hand. Back cover made of abs plastic. Manufacturer produces additional rear panels in various textures. For example, wood, stone, bamboo.

china 1

Looks very stylish and expensive. Device performance is also okay. Powerful quad core processor and THREE gigabytes of RAM!

Xiaomi Mi Note Pro

china 5
The most powerful "beast" in the Smartphone market. It is also used in the production of expensive metal and the most expensive electronic components. For example modules cameras from Sony Synaptics touchscreen.
MI Note Pro-expensive flagship device. IPhone and S5 look near as toys (no offense to the owners).
The main advantage of these devices is a proprietary firmware MIUI created Android.


Honestly, from androyda there's little that's left. Visually it's a completely different operating system. Very smooth in operation, with a beautiful and intuitive interface. A cross between iOS and Android. Also provides the owners with Xiaomi built-in cloud services. They allow you to store and sync with the cloud all necessary data. For example, all your photos, videos, audio recordings of conversations, the magazine calls. Everything you need to in the case of moving to a new device from Xiaomi you could for a couple of minutes to recover. Agree, very convenient.

Quality Xiaomi

All production quality at the highest level. In production we use only the highest quality materials and expensive electronic components. The device meets all the international standards of quality. We, as service center can confirm the quality of this technology due to the accumulated statistics. On average, the percentage of marriage from 0.5 to 2%.

Company Meizu

Launched in 2003, with production of players. Her first models were the Meizu x 6 and Meizu E3. In Russia they were relatively unknown, though they were sold not under foreign brands, and under the brand name.
Today the company can please you with leading devices Meizu MX4 and MX4 Pro. Also like the previous manufacturer, Meizu has some of the most powerful smartphones in the world. So, in the year 2014 Meizu MX4 became the most powerful Smartphone!
Apparatisa size 5.36 inches with same FHD display resolution. The Foundation is made of aluminium.

mx4 1

Support for LTE in Russia, great camera up to 20 megapixels.
In these devices, the manufacturer also decided not to put empty Android on their devices eventually was developed firmware FlymeOS. A cross between iOS and MIUI. The system also includes an account of the manufacturer and cloud services. Shell interface is pleasant and does not have based work. The average annual income is $50mn. Not bad, right?

You can also look at smartphones the company Zoppo. Among the lineup is cheaper and above. The quality is still excellent. Almost forgot to mention the giant Huawei. I think it needs no presentation. Almost every phone, 3 g modem selling under the brand name of MTS and MegaFon, made in Huavee. In any case, there is always the opportunity to buy a Chinese phone with warranty our service center. We have 12 years of age are engaged in repair Chinese mobile phones.

In the Chinese market over the past years there have been very strong changes. Firstly, on the legislative level. Producers were obliged to undergo compliance certification according to ISO standards. Secondly, China is a major player in world markets. His goods very good shooters worldwide. Of course, in order to gain the world's trust, have to improve the quality of the goods. The same happened with the Chinese motor racing. For example the first Great Wall pickup sgnivali for 5 years. Salon groin so that the tears from the eyes. What now? Lovely reliable car with license units, with a guarantee of 5 years in Russia.
Perhaps that does not know it, but your iPhone made in China at Foxconn's plant, brains and electronics from your bmw is also made in China. Assembled in China-so to speak. The view that the Chinese technique is bad and bjudzhetna, are not true.
For China's future. This I have to hear more and more often.