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The most frequent breakdowns in Xiaomi

15.12.2016 15758


Having completed the examination of our base, come to the conclusion that more often than not included Xiaomi mi3 than other participants in our review.
Reasons why not included Xiaomi mi3 is most often two.
The first problem in the food chain. More often on xiaomi mi3 Burns power controller, or lower the motherboard on the loop progaraet in the field of power elements. power controller or replacement Solved XIoami mi3 (available) or replacement of the bottom of the motherboard with a train Assembly (also available).
Repair expensive, but this is the only way to bring it back into operation.
The second problem is the software. If you are upgrading that errors and failures, and after restarting the device completely in brick the story can anyone at one point.
Consider this issue in more detail. The fact is that on some machines, the manufacturer put a few revisions nand flash memory. memory layout for boot blocks and under firmware. At different revisions, markup, memory might not match the one that is embedded in the firmware you want to upgrade eventually, after the update overwrites the firmware partition with a Smartphone, and ridden bootloader failed. Eventually turn it on will not work.
And here comes the magic! Restore xiaomi mi3 from this State, you can certainly, overwriting the first loader on it, further recovery, and at the end of the already very firmware. Is using a computer to Win7.
It is also a situation that when PC is xiaomi to restore, is defined as "input device" to put it simply as a mouse or keyboard: in this mode it is not possible to recover it. you want to spend a lot of time and use special equipment to get snapdragon work as it should.

Next contestant Xiaomi mi4


At the time of this writing, an entirely new model, and sold the entire month. However, you can safely select one pretty ludicrous defect. More accurate to say the marriage during the production.
If you turn the display brightness to the maximum level, on some devices, you can see a few zasvetov (white dots 1-3 mm diaetre) randomly scattered across the screen to work, they have no effect. But the Visual thrill of work on such a display forced the owner to think about future product selection Xiaomi.
What are the spots on the screen Xiaomi mi4?
Dismantling the apparatus and rassloiv matrix we noticed the rear substrate matrix small rolls of double-sided adhesive tape, which attaches itself to the body of the display itself.
Explain their absurd appearance there can only be krivotoj hands, which did not comply with the collector technology installation in production. Alas is marriage. course you can fix it by replacing a module display. Cost is equal to 40% of the value of xiaomi mi4.

Next on the list comes Xiaomi Red Rice (red rice)

Certainly, the model became successful due to their relatively low prices and good načiki. Not every manufacturer can boast of a Smartphone with a quad core processor and a gorgeous screen with a total value of 6000 rubles Smartphone!
Following an analysis of referrals, I want to highlight only one problem-power controller Xiaomi Red Rice.
Most of the vehicles caught up to us for repair, came in not included, not charging. "Problem found in Xiaomi Red Rice is very difficult due to the complex power schemes. But all the same, our specialist noticed one vulnerability in the chain, which goes down first power controller eliminates the vulnerability, and then the power controller is being replaced with a new one.

Finally the last on our list Xiaomi Red Mi Note

Red Mi Note-the largest of the entire lineup Xiaomi Smartphone. Is popular due to its large display and low prices. In fact, all customers with this Smartphone, can be divided into two problems:
1) not responding touchscreen Xiaomi Red Mi Note
2) Bad catches Xiaomi Red Mi note

Consider first the issue screen simply does not respond to touch. having examined this problem, our engineers are ready to share their observations. the screen stops responding due to not working touchscreen controller chip "this component is mounted on the cable the touchscreen, which connects to a Smartphone. Its task to process data from the screen, that is your touch touchscreen controller at Xiaomi Red Mi Note programmable chip at the first startup device. or in the firmware, it also pierced. If it was a defect, the touchscreen stops working immediately out of the box, either after the first firmware. Solutions in this situation two, replacing the touchscreen controller RedMi Note or replacement touchscreen Red Mi Note entirely.

The second problem, poor signal strength in some samples, the signal strength of the cellular network is slightly worse than other phones. Is connected with coaxial cable inside the Smartphone's coaxial cable-this is essentially a antenna cable that goes from the motherboard to the antenna of the phone.
The problem is that when you build, it simply does not connect with one of the parties. And every time differently.
Hence the conclusions China China discord!

Thank you for what you read to the end. Hope here you found all answers to questions related to products Xiaomi.
Sergey Demekhin Lvovich.